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Applications for Mentoring Programme 2020

The Women In Technology community is delighted to announce the launch of a new mentoring exercise in 2020. Check the slides presented in the Informative Meeting that took place last year for more details. Stay tuned for more information on the 2020 exercise:

  • February 2020: Call for mentors
  • March 2020: Call for mentees
  • April 2020:
    • Mentee selection
    • Mentor-Mentee matching
    • Kick-off meeting
  • May to December 2020: Mentoring exercise
  • January 2021: Survey to the participants

What is the WIT Mentoring Programme

The idea is to create a natural, safe, confidential space where issues can be discussed, guidance or a sounding-board can be offered, and where people can learn from someone else's experience who is further down a particular path. This can help develop links, ideas and opportunities that otherwise might not have happened.

As a mentee, you choose your own goals for this program. Anything can be discussed, from work/life balance, personnel issues relating to work, to specific "navigating CERN" acumen; WIT aims to help match the mentors and mentees based on who could best help achieve the goals.

As a mentor, you can help people to think and explore situations, while sharing ideas to find the best way forward on particular issues. You can help the mentee reflect on options, based on your experience. You will also gain insight into how CERN and its development is perceived by the next generation. 

“The experience as a mentee not only encouraged me to pursue a scientific career, but gave me practical advice and tools in hand to handle difficult situations and successfully increase my visibility in the community. "
Coralie Neubüser, ATLAS Physicist
"Mentoring, for me, is about making one's own experience available to others, being there as a sounding board for them to sound out their own ideas and helping them to decode the environment in order to make the best possible choices"
Sudeshna Datta-Cockerill, Former CERN Ombudsperson

For more information about mentoring, please check, the following resources:


Our Data Privacy Statement regarding Application for Mentoring can be found here