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We're doing some work on this page at the moment (November 2018) to turn this into a blog for sharing links, event announcements, and generally interesting stuff. It's not quite ready yet, so here's some reading material in the meantime....

Every Friday we send a few interesting links to the people in the WIT community. Here you can find a record of the links shared so far:

Gender bias and stereotypes

Is there a difference in the citations of male and female publications?:

Amusing look at an interesting experiment involving body language:

Excellent documentary series on gender-free children:

Cognitive bias - how it works and how to become more aware:

Gender bias in peer review

Salaries of female physicists trail those for male colleagues

Vicious circles of gender bias, lower positions and lower performance

Analysis: How Implicit Biases Hamper Women’s Participation in Science. An interesting study from India and widely applicable in other countries 

STEM Gender gap

CNN tech:

Le sexe du prix Nobel:

Female Leadership:

Hollywood's gender gap:

When women stopped coding:

How "Computer geeks" replaced "Computer girls":

Why female students leave STEM:

Gender pay gap:

Why don’t European girls like science or technology?:

How to get women back to powering the tech industry:

Gender Equality

Guiding principles for improving gender parity:

CERN Director General calling for tolerance and respect:

Gender Wars comic:

Introduction to Gender Equality:

Women won't have equality for 100 years - World Economic Forum

More Similar than Different: Gender Differences in Basic Numeracy are the Exception not the Rule

Role Models

Interesting article about a female physicist explaining Science through Youtube videos:

Shadowing day at CERN IT featuring female CERN IT colleagues:

Missing a game for kid's birth:

Swedish fathers:

Young girl being bullied for science interest finds role models around the world:

Organisations and initiatives dealing with gender, diversity and more

Several interesting links:

Elargis tes horizons:

International Geneva Champions:

La journée nationale « Les Sciences de l’Ingénieur au Féminin » , dans de nombreux collèges et lycées partout en France:   

Attracting Women into Tech jobs

CERN jobs featuring many CERN male and female colleagues:

CERN post-career break fellowship:

We can do IT:

Apple’s lack of daycare isn’t an oversight, it’s a feature:

Some ideas from one woman:

Written about one Weinstein, by another Weinstein: how the ISP GoDaddy changed it's company culture to a more inclusive one

Find out ten actions that Australian companies are doing to promote women into top management positions:

Diversity on the spotlight

IBM Newletter:

UN Newsletter:

Diversity and Inclussion summit by Spotify:

Fighting for Diversity:

Unearned advantage:

Sexism/Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment – learn to recognise the signs and take action!

Nepotism and sexism in peer review

Learn more about what microagressions are and how to combat them:


Read more about WIT@CERN in this CERN Bulletin article

A very interesting blog with articles about Women in STEM, sexism in science and academia, gender gap, role models and many more insightful posts:

The silent rise of the female driven economy

NY Times op-ed from 10 year-old Girl Scout: I Want Girls to Raise Their Hands

“A 36-time Vogue cover girl is an unlikely candidate to launch a charity that has taught more than 500 young women how to code. But the 25-year-old has leveraged her giant social audience--some 12.6 million followers across platforms--to grow a burgeoning nonprofit that aims to balance the scales of software engineering’s gender disparity.” 

Late Night Woman’s Hour radio special on Women in Tech 

Online STEM careers fair (UK based) for Women in February worth passing on to any young people you know looking to start their careers

“The aim shouldn't be to hire more women; it should be to find and hire the right female talent.” An opinion piece from a slightly different perspective

Men, Women and Language. This BBC podcast analyses language and gender:


Mary K Gaillard: A singularly unfeminine profession : one woman's journey in physics (Available at CERN´s Library)


WIT Diversity Talk with John Ellis, interviewed by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill:

At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don't "act like a man." Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: Break free of the "man box." 

We should all be feminists: