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WIT Friday Links

Every Friday we send to the WIT community a selection of interesting links from the week's news and research concerning women in STEM subjects. Some serious, some light-hearted, always interesting and definitely thought-provoking.

Simply sign up to WIT community egroup * (where you'll also be notified of other events and activities) and stay tuned to how our community is getting stronger in the world!


WIT Interviews

WIT Talks are interviews with women in leading roles at CERN, in industry or in academia about their careers and backgrounds, giving them the chance to inspire fellow women and share their views on how to improve the gender balance with the whole CERN community. These talks prompt positive discussion among both women and men at CERN interested in equal opportunities. We have had the chance to listen to many interesting and inspiring women including Maite Barroso (IT Deputy Department Head), Charlotte Warakaulle (Director for International Relations) and Sudeshna Datta Cockerill (former Ombuds), to mention only a few.

More talks are continuously scheduled - keep an eye on the WIT Indico page for the next one.


WIT Diversity Talks

WIT Diversity Talks are interviews with senior male colleagues who talk around their experiences and thoughts on gender diversity and gender balance, and why this has been important to them both professionally and personally.

The purpose is to show a different aspect on gender diversity and to raise awareness and provide role models on how one as a (male) ally can participate in progressing the issue.

The WIT Diversity Talks are a complement to the WIT Talks, as the former turn the tables with regards to the latter: in the WIT Talks, women are interviewed around their careers, acting as role models in that sense. With the WIT Diversity Talks, the focus would be to talk about personal experiences on diversity and provide male role models to show that this is also a question for men. Often the focus of interviews like this are the other way around, men about career and women about diversity!



The Women In Technology community organises a yearly mentoring program open to everyone. The program lasts from May to December. Call for mentors and mentees starts in March. Stay tuned in our e-group for more details!

The idea is to create a natural, safe, confidential space where issues can be discussed, guidance or a sounding-board can be offered, and where people can learn from someone else's experience who is further down a particular path. This can help develop links, ideas and opportunities that otherwise might not have happened.


Collaboration with other tech organizations

To broaden our network beyond CERN, WIT is also in touch with similar groups at other organisations - like Google and HP -to enable networking visits and common projects. 

WIT has also collaborated with other initiatives at CERN including the Cine Club, the Running Club and Arts at CERN. For future events, check out thWIT Indico page.

If you work in another tech organization, and you are interested in networking opportunities or have ideas about events where we should be present, do not hesitate to contact the Steering Committee



We participate in events in the local community to teach programming and computing basics, to inspire the next generation. A few examples:

  • computer science basics
  • programming (eg. Django Girls)
  • inspiring people to study STEM

If you'd like to see more frequent workshops on any of these topics, or if you have an idea for a new theme, please contact the Steering Committee to let us know!